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Welcome to TextRepeater

This Text repeater tool is easy to use, and it doesn’t have any complicating process. It is completely free app and doesn’t ask for any signing up or registration. Over 1 million people across the globe are using this app because of the same reason. This Repeating Text Generator helps you to send the things which needs to be repeated only by the simple process of ‘Add text, repeat, copy and share’; i.e., enter the content in the input field, and the times of repetition, then click on ‘Repeat text’ button and boom. It is a useful tool through which you can bombard your friends with emojis for fun or a complete text paragraph.

How Does This Repeating Text Generator Work Actually?

If you are fed-up of typing the same content repeatedly, this is the app for you. Some easy steps for using this tool are as follows –

1. Just drop your content in the message box of the app and then select whatever settings you want.
2. Enter how many times you want the text to be repeated.
3. If you want any specific sequence of you text, then you can also use a space and period in between of your content.
4. If you want your text from a new line, just click on Add line button.
5. If you are done with all these processes, then you can simply click on Repeat text button.
6. Once you put all the data and information, all that is left is to send the data.
And finally, your repeated content or text is here.

Why Should You Choose Our Repeating Text Generator?

Following are the features of our repeating text generator online. Some text repeater tool’s features are as follows-

1. Download repeated Text: Once, the output is given by the tool. Click on the Download icon, which is just below the output field, you can easily download the text on your system in terms of ‘.docx’ file.

2. Copy Text to Clipboard: For an instant use of the content, you need to just copy the text to your clipboard by clicking on the copy icon which is next to the download icon.

3. Define the Number of Repetitions and Separators: This tool asks you to how many times you want to repeat your text and if you want any kind of separation or pause in between the text.

4. ‘Add New Line’ and ‘Add Space’ Settings: So basically, there are two options for creating the content, ‘Add new line’ button is to generate the text or content in the new line with the different-different copies of the content. ‘Add space’ button is used to generate the whole text in the same line with some space in between them.

5. Upload File Directly from Local Storage: There is one more option in this app, if you don’t want to type the whole text then you can also choose the file from the internal storage of your system by clicking on the upload icon below the input field to browse and data and choose it from the internal disk of your system.

6. Word Count: With the help of this text repeater tool, you can also see your work count of the available content or text.

7. Multiple Languages Supported: This tool also helps you with the different-different languages. You just need to drop down the menu which is present below the input field and then you can select your required language.

So, with the help of Repeating Text Generator, you cand easily send the repeated content or text. The side menu helps you to easily select or copy the available content to make it easy for the transfer of the content. There is an option is present in this app to spam your contacts on the WhatsApp. By the help of this feature, you can send or share the content with recipients you want to send it instantly by using WhatsApp.